Saturday, January 15, 2011

Traffic exchange for adsense, what for?

How it felt when we received programmed Google adsense? Of course we are very happy, how not many blog owners are almost desperate for some time rejected programmed adsense. Then the problem appeared for the owners of the blog, how to promote a blog to maximize your adsense revenue?

For the bloggers who have advanced SEO certainly no problem to promote the blog, in contrast to the beginner, learn SEO, unique content is one of them. But for some lazy bloggers who create unique content and learn SEO, they usually do in a way that instant. Traffic exchange programs are a way to promote instant blog. But this way is not recommended for several reasons, among others.

1. Traffic exchange programs not allowed from Google Adsense term & condition.
2. Traffic from traffic exchanges are already low-quality.
3. In Traffic Exchange most of the people already knows about Google Adsense and they will not click on any Google Adsense ads.
4. In Traffic exchange people don't look for something, people only surf to earn credit and promote their website to make money.
5. Google doesn’t like Traffic exchanges because those visitors has no interest to the contents.

Still interested in the traffic exchange programs? It never hurts us to be a member traffic exchange programs. Remember writing the above is only for bloggers who follow the Google adsense program. If you're still confused choosing a good traffic exchange programs, I recommend selecting EasyHits4U

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