Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 Mistakes With Do It Yourself SEO

5 Mistakes With Do It Yourself SEO. I see lots of sites on a daily basis. There are a lot of common problems I see on the sites. Some people may have tags establishment or misuse of tags that have no real purpose. I've compiled a list of the top 5 it-yourself SEO errors. It is safe to say that many do-it-yourselfers may have at least one of these errors on their sites. These should help to avoid these costly mistakes and often pull you in line.

1) Keyword tag - A keyword is the beacon of keywords, but not by keywords. You can not only fill this tag with keywords that the site is all related. The tags should reflect keywords only on that particular page, not the entire site and not all the words you think your site could be sought. Also, do not have more than 20 words on the label. Do not repeat any word more than 3 times. If you sell tickets, for example, type: Broadway tickets, circus tickets, hockey tickets, boxing tickets, etc.. Make use Broadway, circus, hockey, boxing, tickets and so on.

2) description tag - is sometimes used as a substitute or in combination with a description tag. However, more and more people are using these key words for those things. Search engines like Google is interested in what's on the page. More specifically, what visitors can see. In my opinion, the abstract tag has no place in a site.

3) Description of the label - The idea behind this tag is to describe what the "page" is about. Keywords related to the page should be implemented as well. The word limit should be 20 to 25. I see a lot of site owners to fill this tag with keywords, or having a description that is the same time. Staying within these guidelines and you'll be fine.

4) Title tag - This, I believe, is the most important tag. This is the first label in the search engine mounting. He says the search engine "page" is coming. Do not put your web address here. Do not add the name of the company earlier this label is. Not to exceed 60 characters.

5) Content-If you notice, I received comments on the relevance of the "page", not the entire site. Each page has its own keywords. Tag the title tag, description and keywords. All of these words should be the same. Add your content. Now your page should be fairly well optimized.

Why is that sites are up to? Simple, the content is not optimized. Search engines are, for the most part, pretty basic. Enter a search term and retrieve sites that contain those terms while making a number of other factors into account. So if your site does not have these conditions, how are you? It will not. More to do with keywords so you can experience the same result, but for different reasons. Sometimes, when reading about SEO can be bad. Try many tricks, tips or methods is like too many cooks spoil the soup. In the end, can do more harm than good. These rules are very easy to follow by all. And the doubt? Always consult or hire a professional SEO expert. Thanks for reading this article, 5 Mistakes With Do It Yourself SEO is for everyone who want become fist page on search engine.

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