Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Is The First 10 People Who Register On Facebook

1. Mark Zuckerberg (

Yup. Facebook Founder of this was the first to register at this phenomenal networking site with the Id number 4.

 Chris Hughes is the Co-Founder of Facebook. He was Mark Zuckerberg's roommate when they studied at Harvard University. Project that made his name skyrocketed in addition to being co-founder of Facebook is Obama campaign site development project in the He had a big hand in the success of Obama became the first black President in the United States.Id number is 5
3. Dustin Moskovitz ) 

Dustin Moskovitz is Co-Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's roommate at the same time when they studied at Harvard University. 
Moskovitz has Facebook share by 6% to make his fortune is estimated at 1.4 billion U.S. $. Forbes named him as the youngest billionaire in the world.
Id number is 6.

Arie Hasit is a good friend of Mark Zuckerberg. 
Practically chum because when they studied at Harvard they often do activities together. This is because they same a he works as a spokesperson for the Israeli army.
Id number is 7.
5. Marcel Georges Laverdet II (

Little is known about Marcel Georges Laverdet II. 
That can be known only he worked on up.
Id number is 10.

Soleio are Technical Personnel Facebook. 
In his page, he wrote that his work is related to the technical Facebook.
Id number is 11.

Chris Putnam is one of the software engineers up. 
Activity can be monitored via his blog,

There are unique from Chris Putnam is one - the only person who has a special avatar on Facebook. 
By typing utnam: in your chat box, then there will figure out the avatar photo. The picture itself.
Id number is 13.

Andrew McCollum is a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard at the same time is a graphic designer first up. Facebook it was he who designed the logo first time and who decided to give the silhouette a la Al Pacino.
id number is 26.

A little info about this person.
Certainly he is an alumnus of Harvard University. most likely was a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg. most of the owner IDs of this small is because an alumnus of Harvard University was at first, Facebook was developed for the benefit of alumni and students at Harvard.
Id number is 27.

Mark Kaganovich is an alumnus of the Harvard field of computer science. 
He is the founder of labmeeting, which is a kind of social network (like facebook) but is devoted to the scientists.

That was 10 people who first sign up on Facebook ... 
Well who is with ID 1?

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