Saturday, December 11, 2010

How To Get Thousands of Backlinks Free!

The way I read this while visiting friends on the blog, then I see the Alexa widget on display in the sidebar of his blog. Woowww.... it’s a lot of Backlinks, to tens of thousands. It has long been in fact I find posts like this, but I used to sanction if it is true in this way can successfully raise the PR and backlinks.

After I read it again and still not sure of backlinks that I see on her Alexa, I went back again to visit blogs that have followed this way. And it's true, blogs are applying this way PR increased but the most striking of which is owned backlink these blogs is legion.

If we have a good PageRank and backlinks that much, it is very suitable if we follow such a program paid reviews. I really regret not applying this way since the first. Better late than never. Because I want to monetize this blog to the paid reviews.

The trick is very easy, you just copy the link located below on condition that you must remove the link from the list at rank 1, then move that was number 2 become number 1, number 3 becomes number 2, number 4 to number 3, etc.. Then input your own blog link at the bottom of the order (number 10). And please invite your friends to follow this way and help spread this way to as much as your friend.

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If you are able to invite at least five people just to copy this article, then the number of backlinks that will be obtained is:
* Position 10, the number of backlink = 1
* Position 9, the number of backlinks = 5
* Position 8, the number of backlinks = 25
* Position 7, the number of backlinks = 125
* Position 6, the number of backlinks = 625
* Position 5, the number of backlinks = 3.125
* Position 4, the number of backlinks = 15.625
* Position 3, the number of backlinks = 78.125
* Position 2, the number of backlinks = 390.625
* Position 1, the number of backlinks = 1,953,125

And the name of the blog address can be entered keywords you want that can also draw attention to immediately clicked. From the side you've got 1,953,125 SEO backlinks and side effects if visitor referrals click on your link then you also get extra traffic.

I recommend you try this way and please copy and distribute this article to your friends. Eliminate the link number 1 and input your blog address at number 10. See for yourself the results, only then comment...

This article must be permanent forever in your blog, and you must be honest in Blogger links that have been put into effect before, and you also can not remove this article from your blog ...
Brave Attempt...??? Please Copy - Paste this article, and his congratulations to feel sensation in your Blog....
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