Friday, October 29, 2010

Facebook and Microsoft just to work together, Google threatened?

As I promised when an article about the threat to google some time ago and I fulfilled my promise .. hehe,what makes google threatened?

Facebook and Microsoft just to work together in terms of search engines, this of course makes Bing competitors in search engine market mess.This cooperation is certainly a serious threat to Google, which is still entrenched in the top search engines. With the collaboration, of course, expected to bring increased share for Bing, who previously also has formed a partnership with Yahoo.

Microsoft Corp. began to explore cooperation with Facebook, where they combine what your friends are doing on the right up into the search engine Bing. Start the software maker launched a new feature that can show what someone friends are doing on their search results pages.On Facebook and sites Bing users can click on the "like" to show support or information to share with other friends.

In the coming weeks, if the user uses Bing to search topics in the news, articles which have been shared friends on Facebook may appear, along with their name and profile photo. Previously, users who want to find someone on Facebook will experience confusion because often combined in the same category. It is no wonder, for example, we find the account name celebrities even mixed with another account.Quoted by the AP on Thursday (10/14/2010) new feature will allow users Bing who also log on to Facebook, will see a notice that they would ask if they want to see information for the friends who desired entry into the search results.

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