Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phenomenon of Facebook

Who does not know Facebook? The social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has become a phenomenon of social networking websites. she is a Harvard graduate and former Ardsley High School student. Initially up was launched only to students of Harvard College, but two months later, its membership expanded to other schools in the Boston area (Boston College, Boston University, MIT, Tufts), Rochester, Stanford, NYU, Northwestern, and all schools are included in the Ivy League.

Initial launch up really just to academics who have a university e-mail such as edu, ac, uk, and others. Many other universities are then added in succession within one year after its release.Next up also developed a network for top-level schools and some large corporations. Since 11 September 2006, people with any email address to register on Facebook. Users can choose to join one or more networks are available, such as on top-level schools, the workplace, or geographic region.Progress up does not necessarily go smoothly, it can be seen from the blocking by other countries such as Iran, Syria and some workplaces are worried about misuse of work time to update status.bukan only blocking a few parties also accuse Zuckerberg stole code from his friends to set up .phenomenon Facebook will continue to run either until when, perhaps until there is a rival up as experienced frendster.

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