Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to have the employee 4000

Paid To Click is a program to get income from the internet version is easy. Opportunity to earn far more easily than other systems such as (PPC,
Program Review, Affiliate Program, Google Adsense, etc.) so suitable for beginners like high school kids, employees, housewives, etc. who want to prove that from the internet. We can make real money! What need is your commitment to get this income with volunteer time each day (approximately 5 minutes) to click on ads.

With this program we like to make a small company. Forward pullback that we make this company, depending on our own as his owner. We can hire people to help our company (hire referrals) and if the people we hire (rental) reluctantly works, we can also fire him and replace with a new person (recycle).
The size of our revenues will depend on the tactics and strategy for us (remember in Neobux there is a lot of strategy - for those of you who a mathematician is suitable to join Neobux this). It really felt like we got a company! Imagine there is a member who already has "employees" (referrals) to 4000!

Neobux is a website that is easy to use, meaning you do not need to know much to start earning, just click on an advertisement (ads), see for 30 seconds and you'll earn $ 0.01 for the task. If that simple why there is this tutorial? Simple: if you just want to earn 30 cents per day, you do not need this tutorial.
But if you want to create an income of $ 20 every day you have to learn about renting referrals, fire referral and manage referrals and other tasks, and of course you want to know how you will be paid. In this tutorial you will learn it all, we will start from the basic first.

JOIN TO Neobux
The first thing you should do is creating an account in Neobux. To do so click on the link below.
Once you join by clicking the link above, then the next you have to prepare the data yourself. Fill in the fields because it is also fairly honest business.

Each day you will get 10 more ads in which each ad you will get $ 0.01. So every day of your income opportunities are only $ 0.10? Very small. When is it rich? (Take it easy bro ... wait .... I know why everyone wants to be a lot of money). Then how... it's how the ad is only 10 and even then only can the click again after 24 hours.... (Oh... fate  ... the fate  ...). How big is your income for the..... We hire someone else to click advertising and we also can part.....! Smart right. So how....The trick is to hire people to click on ads and we get revenue from it.

 What are the benefits after a member

1. Members earn 25% more on their own and all their referral clicks with a Premium Membership

2. You can purchase referrals, who all have a replacement guarantee and stay in your account forever.

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