Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Outsmart The Search Engines With Doorway

Playing keyword is exciting, in many ways taken to get the best results. Even so, there are two things that underlie Search engine Optimization (SEO) itself, there is the term SEO White and Black SEO, both are similar to the security community in cyberspace. Hacker is the name for White, while Cracker is a term for Black.

In this article, we will discuss the DoorwayPage, which means, if the search engines find one keyword at a site (but actually it's not the destination site), then the Meta refresh which will play a role in doing this job.
In this article does not need expertise in managing the HTML script. But it only takes a few well-known website redirects. Although you never heard or never use or there, leave it for a moment the two famous.
The experiment is valid only on Yahoo and Bing and has never been tested on Google. As we know, Google is the only major search engine and thus has a powerful infrastructure and mere information, Google really hates it that uses a Doorway.

Do shortening
Redirect or shortening is usually used where microblogging like Twitter, which is useful to save 140 characters are provided by Twitter. The problem, Redirect Client integrated with Twitter there is, do the shortening automatically.
Well, here, we'll play with it outside of keywords that are often used Twitter. One of them or As a user, we are free to change the suffix of the course is a keyword.
Remember posting site, not a Top Level Domain. In the column tag, enter keywords that you mean. After click Shorten, then the site will be
Easy to play right keywords? Now it's up to you, what would tag which will be tested. Oh yes, this technique does not need a lot of backlinks save , because basically redirect site does have a high popularity in search engines

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