Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Google Algorithm Update Panda, article marketing and writing articles

Article marketing is alive, but you may have to learn to write articles so different after the Google algorithm update Panda. Some call it the updating farmers, but that's only a boy's name for it - Google named Panda, Panda it is. What did this Panda update algorithm to achieve?

Panda is an update of the algorithm of the search engine Google, which determines which web pages should be indexed and in these pages should appear in search results pages provided to individuals using specific search terms to find information. In short, it changed the way that Google appeared on the websites and list them and, in turn, the way online marketers use article marketing.

The main change was to put more emphasis on the whole site, and to remove web pages that offer specialized information on the subject. If an item seems shallow in content, and does not seem to have been written by an expert, if it looks sloppy and not well researched, if cut or not to provide information that is not what is obvious, then they might decide that Panda you do not deserve a list.

Note that Google's main goal is to provide users of Google using the search engine to find information useful and reliable information on the topic defined by the search term. It does not take their marketing strategies in mind the article, and if Google's algorithm estimates the content of your page or article is not to provide useful and authoritative information, then do not expect the list.

So how do you write articles to meet the needs of customers of Google - Google will not take note, but customers of Google! Those who understand how to write articles after Panda know they should only write about these issues they know enough about. Article marketing has become the domain of the writer rather than plagiarism or roulette.

Manipulating and waffles no longer works, no matter how many keywords and then spread by the same, and this means the end of many quite expensive electronic books out there that explains how to create nonsense articles, and many forms of drawing software that will generate articles of little significance, and certainly no chance of being listed.

The article is turning in its output due to Google algorithm update Panda no matter what the program designers are trying to say - from the mouth of Google! Giving to turn and start writing your own articles with substance, with the lack of similarity with thousands of other articles and some significant data or at least useful only for clients of Google.

Articles less than 400 words will no longer be acceptable and is recommended for write 500 to 800 words, if you want Google to list your articles or web pages. Ezine Articles and accepts no less than 400 words - I think the minimum should be 500, but was also one of the articles complained of less than 400, so I went with mine.

How to write articles after Google Panda? Easy! Write about a topic you know or care about, good writing, good grammar and spelling (bad grammar is no longer acceptable in article marketing), the structure of your article correctly, making it absolutely clear what you are writing, and try to be original without copies of other items. Do all that then maybe your article is accepted for publication, and if then there is also a possibility of it being listed by Google.

Acceptance and listings are no longer guaranteed, and a large number of items denied Ezine presentations on what would have been accepted for publication prior to Panda. Most of these inferior items were removed from the Google index and therefore your listings, and database directories.

Article marketing is coming to be honest again, with writers writing articles authentic authentic, without resorting to software or scrapers spinners of plagiarism or copying from other articles published online. Google has learned that, so be honest, clear and honest information, and will be rewarded. Anything else and they will be punished if he can not spell the articles - especially after updating Google Panda.

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