Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Speed Up Google Chrome

google Chrome
One of the fastest browsers, Google Chrome may sometimes go slow. It is not that only Chrome slow down but all browsers are seen to run slow at some point of time.
It is so simple to bring back the normal speed if you see Google Chrome slowing down. These are some tips by which you can increase its performance.
Clear the cache for removing the cookies that had built up during the time of browsing. Then clear history in between as the URLs get accumulated in the history, which could slow down Chrome. Another thing is that you should remove all unnecessary tool bars.
How to Speed Up Google Chrome
If you notice Google chrome slow down, make sure that you have disabled the usage statistics for speeding up the browser. Like all applications, Chrome also sends unspecified data to Google, which contains information of how browser is being used and the various sites that you have visited. Google does this for helping the users to improve their browser and fix the issues that one might come across. If you are using windows, go to "Tools" and go to "Options". In the "Option", go to "Advanced" and disable the option linked to usage statistics. In case you are using Mac, go to "Tools" and then to "Preferences". Disable the option linked to usage statistics from the "preferences". Once you do this, you can see Google Chrome speeding up.
If your computer has an old version of Chrome, then there is a possibility that the Google chrome slow down. Google is known to update the software regularly and you have to upgrade the latest version for better performance.
The Google Chrome can also be slow if there are problems with the registry. The registry is a place that contains all relevant files needed for the system to operate. If there are any unwanted files or corrupt files in the registry, it could lead to Google Chrome slow down. Therefore, you should have to clean the registry often so that you get rid of the corrupt files. You can do the cleaning manually or go for registry cleaning tools. It is always better to rely on registry cleaning tools as they perform the task within a short time.

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