Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Google Chrome Beta

Google has just released the latest version Google Chrome Beta , promising the most speed and efficiency gains so far. According to the blog Google Chrome, the new beta version of Chrome has been compared with 30% -35% improvement in both the V8 and the SunSpider benchmark, compared to the previous beta version of the channel. With this, Google Chrome is now more up to 213% and 305% since the first beta.

In addition to speed and improved performance, new beta version of Google Chrome is also bringing new useful features, including
sync your browser preferences, such as themes, settings, and home run, settings and web content able to use extensions Chrome in incognito mode HTML5 new features, including the Geolocation API, Application Cache , nest sites and files drag-and-drop initial integration with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in
A new version of Chrome Beta is now available for Mac Linux and Windows Settings.
Via: New Google Chrome Beta Promises More Speed and Features
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