Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mobile Blog? We Need This one.

When it comes to mobile phones, everyone is using theme because they have so many uses that ah of us would be perfectly blind without their functionality. If you want to be in for some cool Mobile Tricks, then you should know that this is a very nice Mobile blog where you can find almost everything you need regarding your mobile phone or gadgets.  So let's get this started with and let you in on some cool Mobile Tricks you probably didn't know of:

1.    First of all, you should know that if you are an emergency you will still be able to dial 112, which is the worldwide emergency number. Even if you are out of coverage, the phone will look for any existing networks and will connect to one automatically. It doesn't even matter if your phone has the keypad locked, as it will still dial the number.

2.    If you are afraid that your phone will get stolen, then you can have the IMEI number noted down and if someone steals it from you, you will just have to go to the phone company you've bought it from and let them in on the IMEI code so that they can block it.

3.    Now this is a very good idea if you are one of those people who often forget their keys in their cars. Thus, you will have to call someone at home and just have your phone one foot away from the door of your car. Then, using your spare car keys, the other person should press the "unlock" button while holding the keys next to the phone. And it doesn't really matter how far you are from that person, you will have your doors opened. How's that for nice Mobile Tricks?

4.    If you want to know other cool tricks, you should know that if you charge your phone too often, you will risk damaging its battery and thus reducing battery life? Now you know.  Make sure that they will never run out of battery by continuously checking them out.

5.    Make sure that you will always look out for a phone featuring an extended talking time, as there will be few emissions that it will exhibit.

If you want to find out more tricks, then make sure to visit this Mobile Blog again. On this Mobile Blog you will always be in for the freshest tricks regarding your mobile phones.

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