Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Learn Money with Yuwie

There are many ways to add friends, one of them through social networking, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or the other. Well know not than we can add our friends through social networking, we also paid for every activity there. If Facebook or Twitter, we dont get paid, others with Yuwie. What else do that?

Yuwie, which is a site of friendship, or so-called social networks like Friendster. Which main objective is to get a lot of friends around the world. Only difference in Yuwie we could at once earn tens of thousands of dollars. Fun right?

Why Yuwie pay us?
Just like google adsense, they divide the profits with us gained from advertisements posted on that site or as well as existing media newspaper ads, here are our profile page URLs of the existing newspaper ads, well of course we as a newspaper owner (our profile on these sites) would get money from advertising ) 

We are paid on the basis of our activity. Everything is calculated.Starting from the log, edit profile, upload photos, send or reply to messages, make comments, guest book, see the profile of others, make friends, join discussion forums, create their own group, to fill the blog with topics you that you set yourself, make or fill out an online polling, advertising pairs (if any), playing games (if any) and other income-lain. If want to enlarge then seek referral (referral / friend) as much as possible. Links course with a reference from you, free referrals to how we want and a depth of up to 10 levels.

How much do we get from yuwie?
Each page is opened / viewed (page views), all of it will count 1 (one) and will be accumulated. Just assume you invite 3 friends and your friends each invite 3 people also along the 10 levels. You and they do click on Yuwie view only 1,000 per month (I can produce 3000 view / hr): 

§ You 10% x $ 0.5 = $ 0.05 

§ Level 1 10% x 3x $ 0.5 = $ 0.15

 § Level 2 10% x 9 x $ 0.5 = $ 0.45 

§ Level 3 10% x 27 x $ 0.5 = $ 1.35 

§ Level 4 4% x 81 x $ 0.5 = $ 1.62 

§ Level 5 4% x 243 x $ 0.5 = $ 4.86 

§ Level 6 4% x 729 x $ 0.5 = $ 14.58 

§ Level 7 4% x 2187 x $ 0.5 = $ 43.74 

§ Level 8 4% x 6561 x $ 0.5 = $ 131.22 

§ Level 9 10% x 19 683 x $ 0.5 = $ 984.15 

§ Level 10 30% x 59 049 x $ 0.5 = $ 8,857.35 

Total = $ 10,039.52 ..!

Any kind of activity we get paid?

Income you on Yuwie is determined by how many of Page Views that can you can. The details, every time someone opens the page below, then you get 1 page view:
· Profile page you · Blog pages you · Page view all your friends · Page view all your comments · The pages of your pictures · The pages your video pages · When someone view your shared layouts

 All our activities in Yuwie also get a dollar worth of points including:

• If you perform all activities in the control panel (edit your profile, upload photos / videos, send messages, create blogs, add friends, view other people's profiles, and many others).

• If refferal you do the activity on Yuwie

• If your profile viewable by other members (so make your profile as attractive as possible).

• If other people give comment on our profile.

• If others see our friends (so will a lot of add-multiply friends). No confusion, you can start from now add as many friends.

• If others see that we have uploaded photos. 

• If you change the layout of your profile! How do I list it? Please you visit (Make sure address is correct) Then select the SIGN UP,

Then fill out the form with your data .  Information Choose Your Personal URL it will be useful for looking for friends or referrals you so that your friends will be registered on a reference from you.  As I do now, I invite you as my friend.  Example: One example of mine, you simply fill in your name in the box wrote.  Security Question: secret question which is useful when you forget your password,  dont forget to fill in the box beneath the answer is yes ... The final step is to check the 2 boxes below and click Next   Ummm easy right? Until Found there.

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