Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Tips to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging for Business requires much more than posting two to three times a week on important industry information. If you want your business to benefit from blogging, you must look at the whole picture of online marketing and discover where a blog fits into your marketing strategy.

Promoting your blog on social media platforms and ensuring all posts offer valuable information and are properly optimized are merely a small portion of gaining exposure for your blog and your business. In order to use your blog to its fullest potential, you must build blogger relations.

Below are five tips to build blogger relations and increase blog and business exposure online:

1. Comment on influential blogs: Search for blogs related to your interests and your industry, and comment on these blogs at least once a week.
Comments should offer additional valuable advice, compliment the post, or provide constructive criticism—with respect.

Also, do not put your website or blog URL in the body of your comment. This often shows up as spam and will not be accepted as a comment. There is a designated area in the comment section that asks for your blog or website URL, as well as your name and email address. This is the only place you should place your blog or website URL.

2. Mention other bloggers on your blog: Mentioning other bloggers on your blog is a great way to illustrate to your readers that you are always staying on top of industry information and building connections with other industry professionals.

Mentioning other bloggers on your blog also shows these bloggers that you are reading their blog and that you put great importance on their knowledge, tips, and advice.
Illustrate your appreciation for bloggers by commenting on their blog and saying, "Hey, just wanted to let you know that I loved this post so much that I mentioned it on my blog. Thanks for the great tips!" This puts you in front of the blogger and is merely a friendly alert that you mentioned them on your blog.

3. Post articles from influential blogs on your social media profiles: When you mention bloggers on your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and / or StumbleUpon, it not only adds diversity to the content on your page, but it also shows that you seek out valuable information and find it important enough to share with your followers.

4. Ask bloggers to guest blog: When you tie the blogging community into your blog, you are helping to build a name for yourself in this online community. This encourages other bloggers to visit your blog and mention you on their own blog.
Also, guest bloggers will often promote their featured spot on other blogs. This means, you are getting exposure to their list and vice versa. You are helping to promote each other.

5. Become friends with your favorite bloggers on social media: Friending bloggers on social media platforms is another way to stay in front of your peers and target audience. Blogs often have an area on the sidebar that features direct links to the bloggers' profiles on social media. Take advantage of this by visiting their profiles, adding them as your friend, and leaving a friendly message for them on these profiles.

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