Sunday, December 5, 2010

Typical feature of PTC SCAM

In cyberspace or the internet is not a place that "safe" but also does not mean the internet world is very scary. The point in this case, about the level of confidence in the internet. So don’t be surprised a lot of scams on the internet. Don’t be a phobia; little is still not honest 50:50.

Internet business is also not independent of fraud, one of which PTC (Paid to Click). Well there is good news; there are features of PTC SCAM! The following characteristics:
1. Pay per click is large, if there is PTC that offers cost per click is large, it is definitely a SCAM! Don’t waste your time. Left wrote this one.

2. Nothing Forum: Already know the purpose forum, where members of his sharing.

3. Nothing Email Support: if there's nothing like complaints where, Support just not there>.>

4. Use a free hosting: Want to pay its members how, unable to pay hosting alone.

5. Use free domain: Well that is more severe hehehe

6. Nothing office address: It must be careful if you find that PTC is not the address.

7. PTC is still new: PTC Rarely surviving for more than 1 year is careful of this too.

8. Not pays its members!

The question arises, there is PTC is eligible isn’t a scam? 

Yes there is..! For example BUX.TO, PTC has been 4 years paying members, they have support, and address of his office, there are forums. RECOMMENDED Anyway..!

How paid for every 1 ad clicked? paid for each ad $ 0.01 per ad. Every day we'll get ads between 10-20 ads. Bonus $ 0.01 for each click made by our team, it also means we can 100% of our team.

Example calculation of the commission:

1. You click 10 ads per day: 10 x $ 0.01 = $ 0.102.
30 Referrals click 10 ads per day = 30 x 10 x 0.01 = $ 3.10

Your Daily Income 10 x $ 0.10 = $ 3.01

Your weekly income $ 3.01 x 7 x = $ 21.70

Your monthly income $ 21.70 x 30 = $ 93

 Every member's earn 25% more earnest on their own and their all referrals clicks with a Premium Membership and you can purchase referrals, which all have a replacement guarantee and stay in your account forever. Not bad right? Count on it for us that have referral 30, what if 100 referrals to the top? It certainly could be a permanent job, just by hanging out in front of the computer for several minutes.
If you're interested in being my referral, you can sign up here, with referral and without referral

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