Tuesday, July 12, 2011

13 Plugins Wordpress To Hack Blogs

In my blog I wrote on Improving your skills with WordPress blogs Plugins. Today I will explain about Wordpress hacks ahead and plug-in for powering your blog.

We all know that WordPress is the best CMS for blogs, if you have little technical skills to set the encoding and R & D to test new plug-ins, and then blog post should be read to you. Let's start with WordPress Plug-in and Hacks:
1. Wordbook - WordBook it provides facilities to publish your blog on your wall on Face Book. These blog entries are shown in Boxes tab of your recent post.

2. Broken Link Checker-This plug-in let you know your blog link brokerage. You can check these links into your blog, pages, and other custom fields. Also notified the links redirected.

3. Link to this page - Link to this page that allows convenient way to get a link to your page or blog website.

4. WP Wall-This plug-in appears in the sidebar of your blog. Readers can add quick comment about your blog and will appear in the sidebar right away, with out reloading the page. 

5. PixoPoint Menu Plugin  - Point Plugin Menu improve their control of the navigation drop-down menu or regular. It is easy to modify the design and release animated menus and can be used up two menus.

6. Highlight search terms - This plug-in search terms highlighted with jQuery in WordPress generated search results. This is compatible to wordpress 2.7.1

7. SEO Platinum SEO Pack-Platinum Pack is quite similar to All in One SEO. It also has some additional features like you can add other meta tags and robots index, follow or not follow. It also helps you avoid duplicate content.

8.SEO Slugs -SEO plug-in eliminates stop words like 'a', 'the', 'en' post slugs to improve search engine optimization.

9. Extended Options  - plug-in can handle some hard data and the links of relationship Meta Meta, Meta Favicon links, links links OpenID Meta Meta Micro and Discovery Protocol Target links.

10. After the Deadline , this plug-in helps you write better and spend less time editing. You can use this plug-in to check spelling, style and grammar.

11. Automatically insert content after each post-This blog helps you to minimize stress on the content that you are mentioning after each entry. This trick will help you to automatically insert content after the blog entry.

12. Automatically insert author bio on each post - with the help of this hack WordPress can add the biography of the author of a blog on each blog entry.

13. Compress WordPress output and speed your blog's load speed - This blog helps you compress your WordPress blog and the speed of your blog post load. Now, one day faster loading website is to have more chance of qualifying and for the most recent update of Google algorithm.

We hope that this plug-in WordPress Hacks and helps you keep your WordPress blog in the advanced level you want. If you have any other plug-in WordPress Hacks and then you can share here.

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