Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Free Backlinks From Social Monkee

Free Backlinks From Social Monkee. I think there may be some who already know this, but it could not hurt me share a few tips to get free backlinks with a very easy way. What is Social Monkee's? Social Monkee is a service Free Backlink Tool. Social Monkee is a site that provides the service automatically submit articles to many sites Social Bookmark dofollow. Social Monkee is divided into two accounts, free accounts and Premium accounts. For Free account, we are only allowed to submit a link from an article / blog post our first time in a day and immediately spread to 25 Social Bookmark sites. As for the Premium account, you are allowed to submit as many as three times a day. And every article / post that we submit will be passed on by socialMonkee to 100 other Social Bookmark sites.

In other words, if we submit 3 times, then we will get a free backlinks much as 300 per day. But unfortunately its asking price for a Premium account is $ 47once in a lifetime, pretty expensive yes but do not worry, Social Monkee gives us instead of the price that is by seeking referrals as many as 12 people, then we could be a Premium account. Options to two of the lighter, rather than having to pay $ 47.

Please just go away Social Monkee, Free registration. Good luck and submit your blog articles regularly to a lot of backlinks. Because backlinks intimately linked with Pagerank.

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